VoiceTask Send as MP3 attachment

VoiceTask application is a simple and handy voice recorder with possibility of sending recordings to any E-mail inbox in MP3 format. Application is designed for easy summarization of phone conversations and any other audio recordings.

Soon available for iPhone and Windows Phone!

  • Quick setup

    Setup VoiceTask to start as soon as your phone conversation is over with 3 easy clicks. Just enter your email, no additional configuration required.

  • Other features

    Listen and record any time anywhere
    Automatic start on phone hangup
    Send recordings to any e-mail inbox
    Preselect e-mail
    No configuration for e-mailing
    Generate playlists in other audio software

  • Feel free to donate :)

User comments

JK May 2nd 2012

Elegant. Works. Fast & simple, not cluttered. Sends in mp3. This is for u if u wanna record & save in a hurry, & not miss something because of a cumbersome interface.

Adam April 29th 2012

I've been using this for quite a while and haven't yet downloaded the newest update. I had issues prior to my previous couple versions with the files actually sending to my gmail, but no problems at all lately. This is great for capturing notes and ideas, and the sound quality is well-suited to that. If on the rare occasion I have more to record than time allotted, I just record another. It's fast and easy enough to do. I didn't download this free app expecting it to record long phone conversations or songs from concerts, etc. at excellent quality, because those apps cost a lot of money and quality sound recording of music, lengthy notes, or interviews/conversations (in person or otherwise) should be done with a good mic on a device designed for the respective use. With this, I've positioned the icon on the bottom left corner of my main screen such that I can record an idea or even an advertized date while I'm driving, without ever having to take my eyes off the road (with the start/stop record icon just to the right, at bottom center), knowing it will be in my inbox when I get to a stationary location. I don't text, write or make/answer calls while driving, but I can do this confidently without distractions of the others. Just one way I use it...not advocating this particular use, only demonstrating its ease of use compared to its functionality and capabilities. It does this in three thumb taps, by the way, to open, start and stop recording; my email is set to automatic sending upon stopping. Consider the quality of your phone's mic, as well as the low bitrate of the mp3 recordings, before negatively rating such a simple but useful FREE app. Also keep in mind that a shorter low bitrate mp3, takes little space on your phone and when emailed to your inbox lowers data usage, which puts less of a hit against subsequent charges on certain plans.